Bretón de los Herreros Theatre

Logroño, 2022

Client - Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana y Arquitectura

Location - Logroño, Espanha

GPS - 42°27'54.3"N 2°26'54.7"W

Site Area - 592 m2

Budget - 2 639 072,16€ + IVA


João Mendes Ribeiro

João Branco

Paula del Río


Catarina Fortuna

Filipe Catarino

Rossella Conversano

Carolina Pais

Célia Francisco

Inês Massano



The aim of the project is to create a new performance room that complements the Bretón de los Herreros Theatre. The new building is located in a liberated site, through the demolition of the old Palace of Justice and it's subsequent expansion, aside the Theater.

Taking advantage of the privileged position in the city of Logroño, the new volume is organized as an open equipment. The contact that the new Theater space establishes with the street is diaphanous and the vestibule visible from the outside.

The versatile and unique, main room has capacity for 293 people and differs from the existing Theatre. It’s openness and the capacity to adapt to new scenic, musical or dance proposals, allow the improvement of urban, cultural and spatial dynamics of the centre of Logroño.

The new building has a multipurpose room on the top floor, with capacity for 80 people. As a strategy to activate the top of the building, and taking advantage of the views to the historic center of the city, there is also a bar and a rooftop.

The exterior facade is made of stone, a common material used in the buildings of the area. Inside, the finishings of the circulation and social spaces are clear, in opposition to the scenic spaces, that are dark.