Serralves Pavillion Competition



João Branco + Paula del Río


Marco Silva

The proposal for the Serralves ephemeral exhibition pavilion is based on 4 central ideas:

- Create a volume that adapts to different urban spaces by contrasting its abstract, rotund and light nature, to the predominant stone materiality in the
settlements in the north of Portugal.

- Generate a flexible interior space adaptable to multiple expository proposals through its sobriety, which offers the protagonism to the art works and the possibility to put them in relation through space.

- Implement a constructive system of easy assembly and disassembly based on parts assembled by direct or bolted-in systems, ensuring multiple combinations of spaces that the curator can choose from for each exhibition.

- Take advantage of the existing climatic conditions in the atmosphere control of different spaces, complemented by an integrated air conditioning system which guarantees optimal conditions of humidity and temperature in all the spaces for each exhibition.

It is therefore proposed to create a 200 sq/m base module wrapped by a translucent facade and whose interior is entirely built of wood. Four wood bearing walls constitute the structure of the pavilion, being the only partitions, generating two types of space: the perimeter rooms in relation with the exterior, and an isolated and protected central core in which the light is diffuse.

These two types of spaces, the relations between them and with the exterior, and the multiple possible paths generate numerous exhibition possibilities, in which space serves the art works.