Collective Housing in Lordelo do Ouro

Porto, 2021

Client - Câmara Municipal do Porto

Location - Porto, Portugal

GPS - 41°09'15.3"N 8°39'04.2"W

Site Area - 91 000 m2

Built Area -45 000 m2

Budget - 19 463 400,00€ + IVA


João Branco + Paula del Río

Paulo Providência


Marco Silva

Diogo Rodrigues

Diana Altino




© João R. Vicente


Unboxed Visuals

Respecting the implantation and volumetry proposed in the competition program, the buildings are organized in search for a balance between the activation of urban space and the insertion of quality housing typologies, well oriented and with generous spaces.

The urban proposal develops around a new public space, centrally located next to the tower. This way, the iconic building, set up to give an end to Campo Alegre street with recognisable, slim proportions, also gives shape to the public space where pedestrian movements cross and connect with nearby areas. At street level, public space is characterized by continuity and connection, also through the transparency of the ground floors, in a dynamic between the fluidity of pedestrian crossings and rest zones.

The housing typologies are organized from the best solar orientation: 190 apartments, all with balconies turner to the sun. The balconies are spaces to be lived, “outdoor living rooms” that seek for comfort and allow the expansion of the indoor, always protected from the wind.