Collective Housing in Avenida Joaquim Campos

Setúbal, 2023

Year - 2023 / …

Client - IHRU (Instituto da Habitação e Reabilitação Urbana)

Competition - 1st Prize

Location - Setúbal, Portugal

GPS - 38°31'12.6"N 8°51'38.4"W

Site Area - 16 289 m2

Built Area - 18 867 m2(housing) | 510 m2(commercial)

Budget - 24 800 900,00€ + IVA


João Branco + Paula del Río


Inês Massano

Inês Bailão



The new collective housing in Avenida Joaquim Campos [PIS.A7] is a response to the competition promoted by IHRU, for the construction of 183 apartments, part of a wider program to promote housing at Controlled Costs. The collective housing is located at the east of the city, in an urban void of the Plano Integrado de Setúbal (PIS) approved in 1978 and it’s located in a plot of 16 289m2.

In the upper part of the city, with a slight slope to the south, and views of the Sado Estuary, the land is crossed by a Green Corridor – Municipal Ecological Structure.

The project proposes the construction of 3 residential buildings with 6 floors above ground level and another floor of private parking, commercial areas, a shared street, a square and a park, that are organized in order to promote the north-south connection between the already consolidated surrounding housing complexes and the east-west connection of the Municipal Green Corridor.

The configuration of the buildings seeks the greatest space and materials in efficiency possible, ensuring the best sun exposure, natural cross ventilation and outside living spaces in all apartments.

The proposal seeks to optimize construction through prefabrication systems combined with modularity and repetition that allow the maximum economic efficiency and the reduction of construction time.