Collective Housing in São Francisco Borja

Almada, 2022

Client - IHRU (Instituto da Habitação e Reabilitação Urbana)

Competition - 2nd Prize

Location - Almada, Portugal

GPS - 38°39'59.9"N 9°11'09.9"W

Site Area - 3 761 m2

Built Area - 6 411 m2

Budget - 6 985 900,00€ + IVA


João Branco + Paula del Río


Marco Silva

Inês Massano


OMG Design

The project, for 72 apartments with private parking, is organized in 3 buildings with 5 floors. The implantation of buildings, perpendicular to the slope, solves the various connections with the streets and allows the expansion and arranging of the existing public park to the east.

The urban solution creates new passages and optimize the existing ones, completing and reinforcing the pedestrian crossings. The public spaces become more fluid, safer and more attractive and inclusive.

The buildings are organized with north-south orientation, therefore all apartments benefit from cross natural ventilation and large balconies to the south.

The structure and infrastructures of the buildings are organized into compact cores, releasing all the remaining space for flexible appropriation by the residents.