Collective Housing in Alcaniça

Almada, 2021

Year - 2022 / …

Client - IHRU (Instituto da Habitação e Reabilitação Urbana)

Competition - 1st Prize

Location - Almada, Portugal

GPS - 38°39'57.5"N 9°11'07.7"W

Site Area - 1 504 m2

Built Area - 2 794m2

Budget - 2 750 000,00€ + IVA


João Branco + Paula del Río


Marco Silva

Paulo Afonso

Inês Massano

Pedro Gama

Mechanical Installations


Electrical Installations

CELIUMPROJ - Consultadoria e Projecto

GLU Projectos de Instalações Especiais

Structural Engineering

Em Branco Engenharia

Acoustic Conditioning and Thermal Behaviour

VAGAeng consultores associados


© João R. Vicente


OMG Design

The project comprises the construction of 3 residential buildings in a void of an already consolidated allotment.

In order to fill the existing urban structure, two separate buildings are proposed. The smaller one completes the unfinished band of existing buildings. The bigger is a free building with 5 floors, comprising 2 commercials spaces on ground floor, facing south.

The separation between them generates an urban passage, allowing north-south pedestrian traffic.

The buildings are organized from the best solar orientation possible. The whole apartments occupy the full depth of the building, ensuring natural cross ventilation. Living areas of the apartments (living rooms and kitchens) are located along the south facade, enjoying sun and views. On the north side, the accesses, bicycle parking and vertical communications, are located.

The bioclimatic functioning of the building is improved by a thermal buffer juxtaposed to the south facade. This device, a metallic shading filter equipped with textile exterior sunscreens, allows the management of solar gains throughout the day and year, acting at the same time as an extension of the interior living spaces.